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Meet Our Instructors

Our instructors have over 60 years Martial Arts experience with extensive training in a number of various styles. They have experience teaching tournament champions and beginners alike. They include a former high school teacher and a college student majoring in elementary education.


Sifu Colman

Owner and Lead Instructor

Sifu Colman has studied martial arts since 1981. He has trained several national and international competitors, including champions in San Shou and Tai Chi.


Alexandra Hoffman

Youth Instructor

Alexandra has a black belt in CMA and a second degree black belt in TKD.  She has competed at the Arnold Classic earning silver medals in full contact fighting and push hands.


Alauna Millward

Youth Instructor

Alauna has been studying Martial Arts and Kung Fu for over five years with our school. She has been a class leader and focuses on youth development.

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