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"The kids really enjoyed Chinese Martial Arts school coming into guest teach gym class! The kids were asking days later if they could learn more about Kung Fu. I heard them talking about the lessons to their friends as well as showing their parents what they learned." 

- Zachery H.


"We couldn't be more proud of our son Lars. Since beginning Kung Fu, his confidence has grown tremendously! We love seeing him set goals and overcome challenges here and in school."

- Lars M (age 9)


"Since she started martial arts, Alivia has grown a ton with listening, understanding, and especially leading by example. Being able to see and then do is a lifelong learning ability that will help her go far. Not just learning- she is learning how to learn! We are so PROUD!"

- Alivia G (age 12)

"Lyle is more confident and outgoing since starting Kung Fu. I hope she continues and reaches her goal of getting her black belt and teaching class."

- Lyle S (age 7)

"In the past few weeks, since starting kung fu, Evelyn has already show improvement with self confidence and personal security. Every class she get's stronger, both physically and mentally. We are so proud of her!"

-Evelyn (age 6) 


"Wyatt has developed a much more positive attitude towards life in general but also with things he finds difficult. We are so happy to see Wyatt's commitment and delight with Kung Fu. He works really hard and it helps him develop better discipline in other areas."

-Wyatt (age 6)

"Price has developed the strength of mind to seek improvement through hard work. He enjoys the challenge and it helps him in life."

-Price (age 36)


"Michael continues to astound his parents in his maturity level, intellectual acuity, physical strength, and most importantly, the kindness and mature way he interacts with others. We are grateful for the supporting role of Chinese Martial Arts has played in his development of all these areas."

-Michael (age 16)  

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