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At Chinese Martial Arts of Michigan, we teach a diverse range of Martial Arts that are collectively referred to as Kung Fu.

Kung Fu helps in all aspects of life and develops the mind, body and character.  Our classes focus on improving physical conditioning and building confidence while learning martial applications. Training in Martial Arts builds athleticism, self -esteem, leadership, and professional demeanor.

We have classes designed for youth, adults and families, where everyone can train together.  We also feature Tai Chi classes and monthly seminars in topics such as Self-Defense, Weapons and Tournament Competition.

Our Youth Program is extensive and centers around helping parents build amazing kids. From the first class, not only do we work on exercise and physical fitness, but we spend time conveying the life-skills that are necessary to thrive as young adults and beyond. We offer a safe, welcoming environment where students will develop self esteem, discipline, and teamwork while learning a useful and fun skill.

At Chinese Martial Arts of Michigan, your first class is always FREE, your uniform is FREE and no contract is needed!

Feel free to stop by during any of our regular class times to observe a class, talk with our instructors and even take your very first FREE class.


The Five Principles of Chinese Martial Arts




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372 List St. Unit E Frankenmuth, MI 48734

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Chinese Martial Arts of Michigan

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